New Indian Model School NIMS Teaching and Non Teaching Jobs UAE 2021


Job Position – Various
Job Location – UAE
Nationality – Any Nationality
Monthly Salary – Not Specified
Company Name – Nims Indian School UAE

Job source – Nims Indian School UAE Website

Job Description :-
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◆ Non-Teaching Staff
1. Clerk
2. Accountant
3. Receptionist
4. Cashier
5. Supervisor
6. Administrative Officer
7. Librarian
8. Office Assistant / Peon
9. Driver
10. Computer Lab Assistant
◆ Teaching Faculty
1. KG Teacher
2. Montessori Teacher
3. Primary Teacher
4. High School Teacher
5. Higher Secondary School Teacher
6. Islamic Studies Teacher
7. Physical Education
8. Art/ Craft Teacher

About Nims Indian School UAE –
It’s actually an uncommon advantage and a genuine honor for the Trust that it has effectively demonstrated its powerful presence on the worldwide stage through NIMS gathering of schools. Brilliant vision, energy blended with empathy, steady endeavors, untiring enthusiasm and the interpretation of yearning right into it are the structure squares of the building of our instructive framework.
With the changing idea of the financial and social conditions there has been a relating change in the idea of schooling. Quick mechanical advancement has given man strong powers yet there have been an incredible decrease in his ethical viewpoints. Vaulting aspiration, undesirable rivalries and insatiable messing with the climate have prompted the expanding disintegration of revered qualities. The sickening supply of atomic weapons is representing an extraordinary danger to wipe away great many individuals. Here lies the significance in the shift of part of training from simply a heap of scholarly information to an apparatus of reconstruction in all social statuses. Learning must be connecting with, testing, incredible and coordinated. We characterize instruction as a medium to communicate the way of life to the new age and change the standpoint of the youthful towards life in the light of past and future prerequisites of the general public. Regard for good and social legacy combined with a limit with regards to development and imagination, an enthusiasm for social sense, confidence, and regular mankind and the center standards of obligation, scholarly honesty, improved innovativeness and restrained devotion establish our arrangement of training.

How about we awaken to the need of the hour.Learing doesn’t mean stuffing human cerebrum with certain inauspicious and unclear hypotheses and toxic formulae. However, it ought to ingrain in the student the functional insight which empowers him to release his obligations proficiently, accept obligations and face the social issues with inborn versatility and specialized productivity. Each kid is God’s blessing with unquenchable scholarly interest and a hint of inventive force. Like fire in a piece of stone, information exists at the top of the priority list. Instruction finds and discloses these inborn abilities and makes it ideal for an honorable and more full use. Such smart, merciful, and agreeable individuals can live profitably in an inexorably turbulent, complex and data rich world.

Interested Candidates may apply by submitting your resume/CV to official Nims Indian School UAE career website.


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