FIFA World Cup Qatar Jobs Supreme Committee for Delivery Legacy Careers 2022


Job Position – Various
Job Location – Qatar
Nationality – Any Nationality
Monthly Salary – Not Specified
Company Name – Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC)

Job source – Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) Website

Job Description :-
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1. Inventory & Services Specialist
2. Volunteer Recruitment Specialist
3. Beautification & Urban Planning Specialist
4. Warehouse & Distribution Manager
5. Accommodation Logistics Officer
6. Accommodation Operations Specialist
7. HR Business Associate
8. Technical Production Senior Officer
9. Workers’ Welfare Projects Expert
10. Venue Operations Planning Manager
11. Print Production Senior Specialist
12. WW Outreach Projects Senior Specialist
13. Venues Infrastructure Project Specialist
14. Cost & Material Planner Expert
15. Dressing Manager
16. Human Resources Business Manager
17. Stakeholder Integration Manager
18. Event Marketing Director
19. Digital Marketing Senior Manager
20. Central Operations Readiness Project Manager
21. Cluster Accommodation Logistics Senior Specialist (North)
22. Volunteer Engagement Senior Specialist (Marketing)
23. Contract Management Specialist – Accommodation
24. Internal Auditor
25. Fabrication Logistics Officer (South)
26. Workforce Planning Senior Manager
27. Marketing Business Support Specialist
28. Marketing Business Support Specialist (Event)
29. Creative Content Senior Manager
30. Events Production Manager
31. Overlays Venue Planner Specialist
32. Mobility Operations (Public) Senior Manager
33. Language & Interpretation Services Senior Specialist
34. Total Rewards Expert
35. Marketing Business Support Specialist (Content)
36. Sourcing & Placement Senior Specialist
37. Accommodation Operations Specialist
38. Cleaning and Waste Supervisor
39. Volunteer Centre Senior Specialist
40. Fan Zones Production Senior Specialist
41. Overlays Assurance Planner Specialist
42. Events Risk & Mitigation Specialist
43. Strategic Project Management Senior Specialist
44. Cable Pathway Containment Manager
45. Guest Loyalty Manager
46. Digital Experience Production Senior Specialist (APP)
47. Ceremonies Logistics Officer
48. Cluster Accommodation Logistics Senior Specialist (South)
49. Integration Expert
50. International Volunteers Initiatives Senior Specialist
51. Power Infrastructure Senior Specialist
52. Head of Digital Experience Operations
53. Tournament Resources Training & Development Specialist
54. Q22 Experience Assurance Senior Manager
55. Mobility Operation Venue Manager
56. Cleaning & Waste Management Manager
57. Operations Central Readiness Senior Specialist
58. Fan Zone Logistics Officer (South)
59. Senior Internal Auditor
60. Last Mile & Crowd Management Lead (Stadium 4)
61. Digital Marketing Manager
62. Cluster Designer Senior Specialist
63. Arabic Creative Content Manager
64. Ceremonies Production Specialist
65. Talent Management Specialist
66. Legal Counsel (ETR)
67. Planning & Integration Manager
68. Q22 Destination & Experience Director
69. Volunteer System Specialist
70. Destination Planning Expert
71. Cost Planner Specialist
72. Overlays Venue Planner Senior Specialist
73. Production Manager (Brand Marketing)
74. Volunteer Recruitment Manager
75. Mobility Operation Fan Zone Manager
76. Volunteer Contact Centre Senior Specialist
77. Mobility Operations (Venues & Stadium) Senior Manager
78. Creative Manager
79. Brand Senior Manager
80. Sustainability & Carbon Expert
81. Power Infrastructure Cluster Manager
82. Command Center Manager – ICT
83. Beautification & Urban Planning Manager
84. Dressing & Signage Senior Manager

About Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) –
The SC is likewise making speedy development in constructing stadiums and different infrastructure, and making sure the event and its arrangements make contributions to Qatar’s sustainable development.
From the stadiums wherein soccer records may be made to infrastructure, lodging and transport, the SC and our stakeholders are ensuring that Qatar is prepared to welcome the arena in 2022.

We purpose to exhibit Qatar’s specific identification via a FIFA World Cup 2022™ that connects human beings in a shared birthday party of soccer and our region. Every fan will experience an unforgettable and seamless event in Qatar, feeling at domestic as they, their pals and households discover an splendid international of reports with generosity at its heart.
Hosting the event is already developing an enduring legacy. Through infrastructure, education, soccer for development, aid for local innovation and a willpower to enhancing workers’ welfare, our efforts are forging a higher destiny for Qatar, the Middle East, Asia and the arena.

Interested Candidates may apply by submitting your resume/CV to official Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) career website.


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