British Petroleum Worldwide Job Openings 2021


Job Position – Various
Job Location – Worldwide
Nationality – Any Nationality
Monthly Salary – Not Specified
Company Name – British Petroleum

Job source – British Petroleum Website

Job Description :-
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1. Accountant
2. Office Clerk
3. Regional Sales Manager
4. Marketing Manager
5. Credit Controller
6. Staff Software Engineer
7. Electrical & Mechanical Technician
8. Platform Engineer
9. Admin Assistant
10. HSSE & Training Co-ordinator
11. Senior Quantitative Analyst
12. Solution Architect
13. Inventory Accounting Analyst
14. Customer Service Manager
15. Maintenance Advisor
16. Engineering & Office Safety Consultant
17. Warehouse Lead
18. Customer Service Manager
19. Lab Technician
20. Project Manager
21. Cash and Banking Analyst
22. AWS Security Engineer Lead
23. Driver
24. Senior Software Engineer – Cloud
25. Data Operations Team Leader Customer
26. Electrical & Instrument Engineer
27. Senior Account Manager
28. General Accounting & Reporting Senior Analyst
29. Technical Services Specialist
30. Administrative Assistant
31. Biochemist

About British Petroleum –
Back in England, William D’Arcy was near despair. He had bet his extensive fortune on oil, and now he was very nearly losing everything (both ranch style homes, the house on Grosvenor Square). It appeared to be that the geologists and specialists who had swayed their heads reassuringly at him since 1901 had all been off-base about the oil underneath the sands of Persia.
Having never gone to Persia himself, Mr D’Arcy didn’t have experience venture out stories to show for his speculation. What he had was letters and wires from his wayfarer, asking tolerance, for all intents and purposes asking to broaden the hunt until each chance had been depleted.
In any case, tolerance, similar to Mr D’Arcy’s funds, had run out. Indeed, even the Burmah Oil Company, whose speculation had saved the endeavor in 1904 (on the bogus any desire for an up and coming disclosure, it had ended up) were feeling sick of discovering nothing.
Drill to 1,600 feet and surrender
Presently Mr Reynolds would be forced to bear an unshakable message: drill to 1,600 feet and surrender.

Surrendering was not piece of George Reynolds’ character, regardless of whether he may concede that this specific pursuit had regularly appeared to be damned. It had required 10 days just to get to Shardin, eight months to begin boring and six years of working to discover nothing of any result.
Heavy rains had washed away four months of work on a connection street to Masjid-I-Suleiman, where fourteen days prior a boring tool had tumbled off in one of two last-chance wells and taken over seven days to fish out. Be that as it may, vindication was noticeable all around. By the early morning of 26 May 1908, the entire camp stunk of sulfur. At four o’clock the drill arrived at 1,180 feet and a wellspring of oil regurgitated into the sunrise sky.

Interested Candidates may apply by submitting your resume/CV to official British Petroleum career website.


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