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Job Position –
1. Safety Officer
2. Accountant

Job type – Full time
Place – UAE
Nationality – Any
Posted Date – 20th April 2018
Salary – Not Specified

Job source -Gulf news classifieds

Job Description :-
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Paper NameGulf News
Job LocationUAE, Dubai
GenderMale / Female
Salary RangeNot Specified

Job responsibilities –
1. The plan of a completely acknowledged ground security program for all ground movement.
2. Wellbeing training on all ground exercises.
3. The consolidation of security norms and strategies for all ground capacities and exercises.
4. The coordination of all wellbeing matters among the association staff.
5. The formal examination of ground setbacks and occurrences.

6. The recognizable proof of dangers and hazard in day by day ground movement.
7. The foundation of a Ground Safety Council to set objectives, overseeing resources, and evaluating wellbeing related prerequisites and proposals.
8. The following and revealing of ground wellbeing inadequacies, investigations, episodes, infringement and remedial activities.
9. The training and advancement of ground security mindfulness.
10. The foundation of security preparing to advance risk mindfulness and wellbeing reconciliation in unit exercises.
11. Gather, investigate and impart noteworthy data to help Commanders in saving/ensuring military battle assets
12. Set up close coordination and report information to Ground Safety Manager.
13. Circulate material got from EH&S;to appropriated individuals from the division.

14.Examine the division to guarantee the work meets the different security prerequisites.
15. Ensure that month to month examination of Fire Extinguishers, Exit Lights, and Emergency Lighting are done.
16. Respond to reports of dangerous conditions by asking for repairs or support.
17. Follow up on any insufficiencies noted amid investigations, and guarantee that they are adjusted.
18. Assist EH&Swith exploring all mishaps and send reports to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.
19. Ensure the fruition of occurrence report/mishap reports so Workers Compensation Board can be told of all mischances.
20. Notify EH& of basic mischances, dangerous conditions or work refusals

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