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Job Position –
1. Accountants
2. Operational Manager
3. Catering Manager

Job type – Full time
Place – UAE
Nationality – Any
Posted Date – Jan 2, 2017
Salary – Not Specified

Job source – G news

Job Description :-
A major group in the uae is looking for well-experienced professionals to join their chain of vegetarian restaurants.

Job responsibilities –
• Get ready Invoices, Receipts and all bookkeeping exchanges.
• Archives budgetary exchanges by entering account data
• Condenses current budgetary status by gathering data; getting ready asset report, benefit and misfortune explanation, and different reports.
• Getting ready budgetary records, for example, solicitations, bills, and records payable and receivable
• Finishing buy orders
• Overseeing finance
• Finishing budgetary reports all the time and giving data to the fund group
• Helping with spending plans
• Finishing bank compromises
• Entering budgetary data into proper programming programs
• Overseeing organization records
• Preparing costs of doing business
• Planning inner and outside reviews
• Checking adjusts in account books and redressing errors
• Checking bank stores

• Overseeing everyday exchanges
• Recording office uses and guaranteeing these costs are inside the set spending plan
• Helping the back division and senior bookkeeping staff individuals with different errands, including getting ready spending plans, records, and proclamations
• Posting day by day receipts
• Planning yearly spending plans
• Finishing the year-end investigation
• Giving an account of borrowers and lenders
• Dealing with accumulations and prepayments
• Overseeing month to month planning errands
• Encoding bookkeeping passages for information handling

• Arranging money related reports and presenting them on the best possible records
• Assessing PC reports for exactness and fastidiously following blunders back to their source
• Settling blunders in budgetary reports and redressing defective announcing techniques
• Follow-up for accumulations
• Contact organizations and people by phone to offer the administrations
• Managing clients with phone and email enquiries;
• Disclose the administrations to potential clients
• Record client points of interest and subtle elements of exchange
• Affirm orders put with field deals delegates/chiefs
• Get contact subtle elements of potential clients from sources including phone registries and acquired records
• Fundamental Knowledge in Tele-deals

Interested Candidates may apply by submitting your resume/CV to This Email Adress

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